Luxury Bus Ride from Washington DC to NYC

December 22, 2021

Do I take the bus, train, or the plane — that is the question!

If you are trav­el­ing from Wash­ing­ton DC to NYC, we are con­fi­dent in say­ing that tak­ing a Trip­per Bus is one of the most com­fort­able and cost-effec­tive ways you can make the 200-mile trip from the nation’s cap­i­tal to the Big Apple.

When we say cost-effec­tive, we real­ly mean it! Even if you decide to go for Trip­per Bus Elite with all the lux­u­ry ameni­ties and com­fort that comes with it, you will like­ly still spend less than the oth­er trav­el options. Tak­ing a bus also makes for a qui­eter, less stress­ful and smoother ride when com­pared to train rides, flights, and driving.

Trip­per Bus has a fleet of deluxe, clean, mod­ern, and safe bus­es with high­ly expe­ri­enced pro­fes­sion­al bus dri­vers who will take you from DC to NYC safe­ly and effi­cient­ly. They are punc­tu­al and depend­able with a friend­ly staff who will always pro­vide cour­te­ous ser­vice with lug­gage assis­tance and keep you com­fort­able through­out the trip.

In this arti­cle, we focus on the sched­ules, loca­tions of the Trip­per Bus sta­tions, and also the bus routes so you know exact­ly when you take the bus, where you should go to take them, and how you will get from Wash­ing­ton DC to NYC.

Tripper Bus Schedule and Route from Washington DC to NYC

Whether you are an ear­ly bird who likes a morn­ing trip or pre­fer to have a nice long evening nap on the bus as you reach NYC by night­fall, Trip­per Bus has you cov­ered either way. Every bus sta­tion has 3–5 depar­tures to reserve a seat, depend­ing on the weekday.

Due to the high­er influx of trav­el­ers, week­ends have extra depar­tures that you can book direct­ly from the web­site. Each stan­dard Trip­per Bus com­fort­ably seats up to 56 pas­sen­gers, with the Elite exec­u­tive coach offer­ing a lux­u­ry first-class expe­ri­ence with fever seats and more legroom.

The trip dura­tion is from 4.5–5 hours depend­ing on the day’s traf­fic, weath­er, and oth­er sim­i­lar fac­tors. Trip­per Bus­es start from Arling­ton, then to Bethes­da, and take the fastest and safest route to NYC through Philadelphia.

Tripper Bus Station Locations

Tip­per Bus Stops are con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed near metro/subway/railways sta­tions with easy access to ample parking.

Wash­ing­ton, DC

Option 1: Arling­ton, VA (Clos­est Trip­per Bus Sta­tion to Wash­ing­ton DC. Take a quick 17-minute Lyft/Uber/Taxi ride from DC to Arlington.)

1901 N. Moore Street Arling­ton, VA 22209

Metro: Ross­lyn Sta­tion, Blue, Orange, and Sil­ver Line.

Park­ing: 1101 Wil­son Blvd — Between Lynn St. and Kent St.

Option 2: Bethes­da, MD (Less than half an hour dri­ve or Lyft/Uber/Taxi ride from DC to Bethesda)

4681 Wil­low Ln, Bethes­da, MD 20814

At the cor­ner of Wis­con­sin Ave., oppo­site side of Pan­era Bread, the same side of Bethesda’s Farm Women’s Market

Metro: Bethes­da Sta­tion, Red Line.

Park­ing: Mont­gomery Coun­ty Pub­lic Parking/Metro Park­ing, The Hyatt Hotel/Residence Inn (valet park­ing available)

New York, NY

254 W 31 St New York, NY 10001

NE cor­ner of 31 St between 7th and 8th Ave, (out­side of the Penn Sta­tion) clos­er to 8th Ave, the oppo­site side of Broth­er Jimmy’s BBQ.

Metro: MTA sub­way lines A, C, E, [8th Ave] 1,2,3, [7th Ave] out­side of the Penn Sta­tion. B, D, F, M, [6th Ave.]

What makes Tripper Bus Special?

Apart from free wi-fi to keep you con­nect­ed and enter­tained through­out the 5‑hour trip, Trip­per Bus also offers plen­ty of great free ameni­ties such as bot­tled water, read­ing lights, and elec­tric out­lets to keep your devices charged.

If you opt for the Trip­per Elite expe­ri­ence, there are amaz­ing addi­tion­al ameni­ties such as Captain’s leather chair reclin­ers for max­i­mum com­fort with more legroom, ded­i­cat­ed tray tables for work, or set up your own enter­tain­ment sta­tion along with onboard enter­tain­ment with com­pli­men­ta­ry free movies and TV that you can watch on your per­son­al device.

More­over, all Trip­per Bus­es are equipped with a ful­ly func­tion­al clean bathroom.

Tripper Bus Booking and Boarding Information

You can make your book­ings direct­ly through the web­site or by mak­ing a sim­ple call at (718}834‑9214. Remem­ber to bring a copy of your email con­fir­ma­tion (a soft copy on your mobile device would do), along with a valid pho­to ID to board the bus. Want to mod­i­fy the date or the time of your reser­va­tion due to unex­pect­ed cir­cum­stances? Not to wor­ry! You can sim­ply “edit” your trip on the web­site, or email Trip­per Bus with the changes until 12:00 am mid-night pri­or to travel.

If you do not make it on time for your trip, you can stand by for a lat­er sched­ule on the same day if there are any seats avail­able. How­ev­er, if you are late for the last bus of the day, your tick­et can­not be rescheduled.

Trip­per Bus allows you to bring two pieces of lug­gage, each piece not exceed­ing 40 pounds. Tag­ging your lug­gage is always advis­able. You can bring even an over­sized item such as a bicy­cle, a wheel­chair, or a golf bag with­out hav­ing to pay an addi­tion­al fee. They will be allowed in the lug­gage bag under the coach. You are not allowed to car­ry any weapons or haz­ardous mate­ri­als with you.

Bring your own food and drinks while being mind­ful of your fel­low pas­sen­gers, and keep your seat­ing area clean when you con­sume them. If you were not able to reserve a seat, you may try tak­ing a walk-up tick­et on the day which is sold on a first come first serve basis after all the reserved pas­sen­gers com­plete the board­ing process — so hurry!

Tripper Bus Rewards

If you are a fre­quent trav­el­er with us, you can get amaz­ing deals with our rewards pro­gram designed espe­cial­ly for you. You will get a com­pli­men­ta­ry tick­et after every six stan­dard tick­ets. For Trip­per Elite, you will earn 2 points every time you make a book­ing which you can lat­er redeem ful­ly or par­tial­ly 12 points.