Is a reservation required?

January 18, 2019

A reser­va­tion is required. Bus­es that are not sold out, will accept stand­by pas­sen­gers on site once reserved pas­sen­gers have com­plet­ed the board­ing process. Pas­sen­gers who miss their sched­ule are not guar­an­teed seat­ing on future sched­ules and forego their reser­va­tion if out­side the can­cel­la­tion win­dow. Reser­va­tions are date spe­cif­ic.

Reserv­ing online: The pri­ma­ry way to pur­chase a tick­et for Trip­per Bus is online on our web­site reserve now

This guar­an­tees you a seat on the bus Your reser­va­tion is valid only for trav­el on the sched­ule and date that you have reserved. Pas­sen­gers with­out a reser­va­tion may stand-by for open seat­ing once reserved pas­sen­gers have com­plet­ed board­ing.