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At Tripper Bus, we understand you count on online reviews to make purchasing and travel decisions. We know you have a choice in ground travel (buses, trains, taxis, limos, etc). We are committed to the satisfaction of our bus customers. Approximately 80% of online purchasers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. Finding a bus company you can trust to provide a comfortable, safe, and timely ride between New York City and Washington DC.

Current bus schedules from NYC to DC

Current bus schedules from DC to NYC

Tripper Bus was voted by the Washington City Paper readers as the Best Bus Line in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. See specific awards and reader comments below:

Best Bus to New York 2017 : Tripper Bus

Reader comments: "Good service. Clean buses. Easy to use web site. Easy cancellation process with refund applied to future travel."

Best Bus to New York 2016 : Tripper Bus

Reader comments: "Super comfortable and reliable Wi-Fi!"

Best Bus to New York 2015 : Tripper Bus

Reader comments: "Prompt and user-friendly. Love the complimentary chilled water on hot days and the WiFi!"

Best Transportation Share 2014: Tripper Bus

Reader comments: "The drivers are exceptional." Plus, "You can't beat the price - cheaper than paying all the tolls!"

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Online Bus Line Reviews

Yelp Review

I'm so impressed with the staff. I had to call customer service since I missed my original bus and I was on hold for about 15 minutes but aside from that- I had about an hour to wait on standby. The driver was incredibly helpful during my wait, even showing me to some restrooms prior to departure. After a terrible day, my interactions with Jerome and the owners (I think?) really turned a bad day around.

Brittany N.
(Yelp - Denver, CO)


Trip Advisor

My wife and I had a very positive experience using Tripper Bus from Rosslyn/Arlington to NYC on September 15th departing Rosslyn at 9:20 a.m. The bus left promptly at 9:20 a.m., and Janice expertly guided it over the Key Bridge and on to Bethesda, MD, where about 10 more passengers boarded. We left Bethesda on schedule, had a 10-minute rest stop about 45 minutes before entering the Lincoln Tunnel to NYC (the rest stop is at the driver’s discretion depending upon traffic, weather, etc) and arrived at the Penn Station destination 254 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. It was a delightful ride to NYC and took no more time (4 hours 45 minutes, and a lot less money) than going by Metro from Rosslyn all the way to Union Station then by Amtrak to the same destination (NYC’s Penn station). We would definitely take Tripper on future trips between Arlington and NYC. Excellent, safe service and good value.

David and Sherry
(Trip Advisor - Virginia)


Love the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

I've used Tripper a couple times now on DC to NYC trips, and I really like it. It's a bit more expensive than some other services, but it picks up & drops off at very convenient locations for me, so I think it's worth paying a little more for that. It's also very fast! I got from NYC to Bethesda, MD in 3 hours and 15 minutes one time, which I didn't know was actually possible. They also have outlets under all the seats, which is useful. Definitely recommend trying it out!

Nicole S.
(Rockville, MD)


Highly Recommend

I love Tripper Bus! I live in New York and use this service frequently to visit family in other cities on the East coast. They are reasonably priced and reliable. The employees are always professional and organized. Reserve 6 bus rides on their website and get 1 free. Highly recommended.

Claudia T.
(New York City, NY)


The Washington Post

Suckers for free cold water on a hot day and topnotch customer service, we easily fell for Tripper. Before leaving New York, owner Betty Unger boarded the bus to make sure we were all happy and hydrated. Halfway through the trip, we e-mailed HQ to alert them to the toilet paper situation (none). The company messaged back an answer, and the bus driver later showed us the TP stash. Our only wish is for more frequent service.

Washington Post Staff Writers
Online Bus Line Reviews

Economical, comfortable and fast

Never having taken this company's bus (or any other) to and from New York City from Arlington VA, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised on several fronts: the price for the trips was very reasonable, the buses were clean, the seats comfortable, and the drivers courteous. The buses left on time and arrived at their destinations early. The trips were not crowded. For the most part, the rides were quiet -- although one woman had to be reminded twice that loud conversation on a cell phone is not permitted. The interior temperatures were kept very comfortable. We'll use the Tripper bus the next time we go to New York City, for sure.

Timothy M.


Great bus trip 

Nothing better than TripperBus for those travelling from Bethesda to New York! Best transportation service, comfortable, safe and on-time.

Maria Victoria


My first trip

I had a great experience taking the bus from Arlington, VA to New York, will not drive again. The bus was on time, the driver was excellent.


Rosslyn to NY: Perfect 

Tripper once again reinforced why it's the best bus service to New York. It's always on time, the staff and driver are great, and when a last-minute change occurred in my itinerary, Tripper was on it immdiately, and called several times to make sure everything was correctly rescheduled. Thanks, Tripper!

Andrea Grenadier

Yelp Elite 2015 Reviewer

Took this bus from midtown to Arlington for a conference in DC. Round trip cost was $55 which got me free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets in the seat, a water bottle, and a clean bus ride. There's a bathroom that is similar to a porta-potty, but it was surprisingly clean and provided a great opportunity to practice my squatty potty stance and balance.
  The drivers are a bit aggressive, but coming from NYC, I am used to that. Our driver even alternated his route when traffic was projected. We arrived within 30 minutes of the estimated time. Also, you arrive near the metro in Arlington and only a 15 minute ride into DC- all for less than a one-way Amtrak train ticket. I will definitely use this service again.

Melissa K.
(Islip, NY)

Yelp Elite 2015 Reviewer

I have to travel to Virginia every couple of months, and when I do I always take Tripper. It's reliable, on time with departures (though not necessarily arrival depending on traffic) and best of all, they don't make stops. The seats aren't the most comfortable, but you don't expect to live in the lap of luxury for a 5-hour trip on less than 30 dollars. I have been talking inter-city buses up and down the east coast for over 10 years, and I've tried pretty much every company you can think of - all of the ones in Chinatown, Bolt, Vamoose, Washington Deluxe, DC2NY, etc. etc. Being on the bus for 2-6 hours sucks no matter who's driving you, even if the seats are comfortable and the bathrooms spotless (rarely true for either). As long as I have to keep visiting family and friends that live 5 hours away from me, I'll keep using Tripper.

Alexandra K
(Brooklyn, NY)

Facebook: 2nd Time in NYC

My second time in NYC, taking a bus going there is the first. Our driver is a good one and have a sense of humor,comfortable seats, clean restroom and free wifi. Looking forward to the third time.

Ludi Gonzalez

Great return trip

Folks, we departed NYC yesterday (Feb 27) at 2:30 and made it to Arlington early by about 10 minutes. Our driver was the best, answered my questions about the route and gave explanations that were both clear and funny.
I complimented your equipment (it seemed to be clean and well-cared for) and he indicated that he enjoyed working for the company. He’s been driving for nearly 30 years, lives in Ellicott City and given his ‘veteran’ driver status, was a great guy who seemed happy to be doing what he was doing.

Congrats and thanks - Glenn and Kathy F.
(Washington, DC)

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