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Voted Best Transportation Service to NYC. Travel between the Bethesda, Maryland and New York City comfortably with first class buses and amenities.

For your next inter-city trip between the Bethes­da and NYC con­sid­er get­ting to your des­ti­na­tion in style and com­fort on board one of our well-equipped bus lines. Out­fit­ted with the resources you need to trav­el safe­ly and effi­cient­ly to your destination

What does our bus from Bethesda to NYC offer?

You’ll appre­ci­ate our deluxe, clean, mod­ern bus­es, clean restrooms, lug­gage assis­tance, con­ve­nient park­ing and pick-up loca­tions, safe, cour­te­ous ser­vice, on-time depend­abil­i­ty – all at some of the low­est fares in the busi­ness. You sim­ply won’t find a bet­ter bus coach trav­el bar­gain than us. Here are some of our amenities:

  • New Bus­es
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Always On Time
  • Elec­tric Outlets
  • Free Wifi

We rec­og­nize life doesn’t stop while you com­mute between Bethes­da and NYC. That’s why we’ve equipped our bus­es with pre­mi­um com­pli­men­ta­ry wifi ser­vices and elec­tric out­lets to keep you con­nect­ed dur­ing your jour­ney. Trip­per Bus offers an alter­na­tive to tak­ing a train from Bethes­da to NYC.

Why take a bus instead of the train?

  1. Trip­per is a lux­u­ry bus that has com­fort­able seat­ing and a smooth ride.
  2. Tick­et prices are afford­able and less expen­sive than the train. The tick­et pric­ing for trains run from $35 to $210 each way on Amtrak and oth­er railways.
  3. Bus offers free wifi and movie streaming


If you want to see bus pho­tos, check out some pic­tures of our beau­ti­ful bus­es on our Insta­gram page.

Bus stop locations

Whether you’re trav­el­ing by bus between Bethes­da and NYC, our stops are con­ve­nient­ly at Metro acces­si­ble loca­tions in the Bethes­da Metro area in Mary­land and mid­town Manhattan’s Penn Station.
Where is the Bethes­da Bus Stop?
This stop is locat­ed at 4681 Wil­low Ln, Bethes­da, MD 20814.

When leav­ing from Bethes­da or NYC, you can find trav­el and park­ing infor­ma­tion for our stops at our stop loca­tions page.

Bus ticket prices

How much is a bus tick­et from Bethes­da to New York City?
Reg­u­lar fares start­ing at just $27 each way and our elite fares from $40. Trav­el­ing to and from Bethes­da and New York City has nev­er been eas­i­er more con­ve­nient, or cost-effective.

Availability and booking for a bus from Bethesda to NYC

So if you’re plan­ning on trav­el­ing by bus from Bethes­da to NYC, book your tick­et with us today to reserve your seat to enjoy a lux­u­ri­ous trav­el expe­ri­ence in one of our mod­ern buses.

You’ll love trav­el­ing with Trip­per Bus.


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