Bethesda Travel

December 31, 2020

Bethes­da is known for its diverse cul­ture, eclec­tic restau­rants, and its prox­im­i­ty to Wash­ing­ton DC. 

Peo­ple vis­it Bethes­da to expe­ri­ence the rich cul­ture, dine in restau­rants with dif­fer­ent eth­nic foods, enjoy his­tor­i­cal the­aters, and shop. The dis­tance from Wash­ing­ton DC to Bethes­da is a mere eight miles. If you are vis­it­ing Wash­ing­ton for busi­ness or to see fam­i­ly or the many attrac­tions there, you can use Lyft ser­vice or even bike to vis­it Bethes­da. There are local bus lines that trav­el from Bethes­da to DC and back. Bethes­da is a thriv­ing urban mecca.

Even with social dis­tanc­ing in place in 2020 and 2021, peo­ple are vis­it­ing Bethes­da and enjoy­ing the scenery as well as food. Some­times it may be out­side seat­ing next to a heater or to go.

Best Sites and Restau­rants in Bethes­da MD

  1. Strath­more - It boasts a near­ly 2000 seat the­ater and a music cen­ter along with out­door stages for music fes­ti­vals and events. Explore 16 acres and all the Strath­more has to offer.
  2.  Pike & Rose — Look­ing for adult fun at one of the best local evening and week­end venues? Try Pike & Rose for din­ing, shop­ping, adult bowl­ing, and live events all under one roof.
  3. Bethes­da Row —  A close sec­ond to Pike & Rose is Bethes­da Row, where you can enjoy unique local shops (includ­ing the lat­est fash­ions, home acces­sories, and bou­tiques). Look­ing for din­ing or a cafe? Bethes­da Row has that too. Be sure to check out Hawk­ers Asian Street Food and Chiko Chi­nese-Kore­an food.
  4. Chef Tony’s — Look­ing for an Ital­ian restau­rant not to miss in Bethes­da? This is it. Tony’s has all the clas­sic Ital­ian meals you crave, plus incred­i­ble fresh seafood.
  5. Taste of Bethes­da - If you hap­pen to be in Wash­ing­ton DC in Octo­ber, you must check out the Taste of Bethes­da with 60 restau­rants sup­ply­ing the best of the best local foods. Sam­ple some of every­thing and wear loose cloth­ing. This one is kid-friend­ly with face paint­ing and chil­dren’s crafts.


Stay­ing near the action in Bethes­da can be both con­ve­nient and inex­pen­sive. If you are look­ing to rent a room in off-peak times, there are many to choose from in the $30 to $50 per night range. Bethes­da also has tiny hous­es con­ve­nient to the action. Many peo­ple vis­it­ing DC stay in Bethes­da and com­mute for con­ve­nience and afford­abil­i­ty. If you are in Bethes­da, remem­ber NYC is just a bus ride away. Lux­u­ry bus trav­el is avail­able on Trip­per Bus with bus routes dai­ly between Bethes­da and New York City.