Bethesda Streetery Schedule

June 30, 2021

bethesda md streetery

The Streetery start­ed back in June of 2020 when Bethes­da res­i­dents were look­ing for out­door seat­ing that met all the require­ments of social dis­tanc­ing as a result of COVID-19. Bethes­da’s answer came in joint part­ner­ship with the local Bethes­da Urban Part­ner­ship who serves to sup­port down­town busi­ness­es and the res­i­dents that down­town serves. The Urban Part­ner­ship act­ed quick­ly when it saw down­town restau­rants suf­fer­ing in the ear­ly months of the 2020 pan­dem­ic. They closed off streets and set tables six or more feet apart to cre­ate a down­town out­door food court, of sorts.

Streetery Schedule and Locations

The cur­rent sched­ule for the eatery and the din­ing table loca­tions are as follows:
Nor­folk Avenue, between St. Elmo Avenue & Cordell Avenues, 11 am to 10 pm EST ‑Tues­day to Sunday
Nor­folk Avenue, between Cordell Avenue and Del Ray Avenue, 11 am to 10 pm — Fri­day to Sunday
Cordell Avenue, Fri­days and Sat­ur­days, 6 pm to 10 pm EST
Wood­mont Avenue, between Bethes­da Avenue and Elm Street, Mon­day through Sun­day — all day

The above sched­ule will con­tin­ue through the sum­mer months. The Bethes­da Urban Part­ner­ship has been in talks with the coun­ty’s trans­porta­tion lead­ers to bet­ter under­stand how traf­fic will be affect­ed if they keep the streetery open reg­u­lar­ly. They are terming the desired out­come as a semi-per­ma­nent set up. Since the din­ing tables, chairs and equip­ment are able to be moved eas­i­ly and are not caus­ing any dam­age to the street, open­ing up the streets to traf­fic as need­ed is an option to be con­sid­ered. The restau­rants are ben­e­fit­ing from the increased sales and the res­i­dents real­ly like the con­cept of hav­ing the option of an inti­mate street par­ty with a vari­ety of food choices.

Trav­el Tips: Go ear­ly and have a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber reserve (sit at) your table. Remem­ber there are no reser­va­tions for out­side seat­ing. It oper­ates on a first-come, first-served basis. Peak times are 7 pm EST and 12 pm EST. Arrive ear­ly if you can. Select your restau­rant ahead of time so you don’t find your­self walk­ing the entire down­town try­ing to decide on the best choice.

Streetery Restaurants

With Bethes­da being know for its rich cul­ture, unique restau­rants, the arts, and fam­i­ly-friend­ly things to do, it is no sur­prise that the din­ing options at the Streetery are vast. The cui­sine is cat­e­go­rized as follows:
Streetery Menu Options List: 35 Types of Food
Cajun & Creole
Cof­fee Shops & Cafes
Delis and Sand­wich Shops
French German
Frozen Desserts: Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato
Sushi Bars
Mex­i­can and Southwestern
Latin American

Restau­rant List
The list of restau­rants is expan­sive. If you are going on a date night or a spe­cial occa­sion, you may con­sid­er Black­’s Bar and Kitchen (seafood), Bac­chus of Lebanon (Lebanese), or Bistro Provence (French). If you are look­ing for dessert, you may want to grab to go from Bethes­da’s Choco­lates, Hen­ry’s Sweet Retreat, or Pitan­go Gela­to. Oth­er vis­i­tors look­ing for a quick bite grab and go meal can find afford­able and deli­cious din­ing at The Orig­i­nal Pan­cake House (Amer­i­can), Momo Chick­en and Grill (Asian), or Breads Unlim­it­ed (bak­ery). There is some­thing for everyone.

Travel to Bethesda from NYC

Some­times even New York­er’s want to get away and expe­ri­ence some­thing dif­fer­ent. This charm­ing city is just a bus ride away and offers dif­fer­ent artistry, cul­tures, and cui­sine, includ­ing the Streetery. Catch a bus from NYC to Bethes­da.
From Madi­son Square Gar­den area New York City: Use Trip­per Bus Penn Sta­tion bus stop locat­ed at 254 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Trip­per Bus will drop you off near Streetery restau­rants and out­door seat­ing. The walk is approx­i­mate­ly. .4 miles or you can opt for Lyft, Uber or a taxi ser­vice to the restau­rant of choice.
Bethes­da Bus Stop:
4681 Wil­low Ln, Bethes­da, MD 20814

Buy a bus tick­et here and view route sched­ules