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About Us

Tripper Bus is a new independently owned and operated company which has partnered with an established motor coach company with 15 years of safe, reliable transportation service experience. Tripper Bus executive team coupled with the bus company has more than 30 years of travel industry experience as well. Tripper Bus' motor coaches have logged millions of miles along the busy corridor between New York City and Washington, DC. Travelers can rely on Tripper Bus for dependable on-time arrival, convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, cost-effective travel fares and a safe, comfortable travel experience.

Your Safety Comes First

Bus travel is considered to be the safest mode of transportation over cars, trucks, trains, planes and other commercial vehicles. Tripper Bus motor coach partner is proud of consistently achieving the Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We continually strive to put passenger safety first. Every motor coach in our fleet is fully licensed, insured, and routinely inspected and our drivers maintain superior experience records.

Travel in Comfort and with Convenience

Tripper Bus is committed to offering the busy traveler the newest and most meticulously maintained vehicles, fully equipped with the latest in comfort and convenience.

Our luxury motor coaches can comfortably seat up to 55 passengers with plenty of leg room. Each bus is equipped with a Wireless Internet connection for your entertainment and communication needs with Plug-Ins available to charge your cell phone or laptop. Restrooms are always clean and sanitary.

Reducing the hassle in travel, Tripper Bus picks up and drops off its passengers at Metro accessible locations in the Washington, DC Metro area (Bethesda, Maryland and Rosslyn Metro in Virginia) and a known and convenient New York City location.

Easy and Cost Effective Traveling

With the high cost of gas and continued airline turmoil, Tripper Bus offers the most cost-effective, timely, and relaxing mode of transportation for travelers. It certainly beats the hassle of flying or driving yourself. With regular fares priced at $30 each way, traveling to Washington, DC and New York City has never been so easy, convenient, or cost-effective.

Tripper Bus is happy to do our part for a healthier environment. Each one of our motor coaches removes up to 56 cars from the road, substantially reducing air, ground, water, and noise pollution.

You'll love traveling with us. We guarantee it!

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