Are your stops close to Metro or Subway stations?

Yes, all of our bus stops are locat­ed near metro/subway and / or rail sta­tions.



Closest Metro Station

New York City Penn Sta­tion:

- 7th Avenue side: 1, 2, 3 sub­way trains.
— 8th Avenue side: A, C, E sub­way trains.

- NJ Tran­sit, Long Island Rail­road (LIRR), and Amtrak.
— New York Air­port Ser­vice (bus)

Her­ald Square Sta­tion:

- 6th Avenue: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, W sub­way trains. PATH train.

Bethes­da, MD Bethes­da Sta­tion: Red Line
Arling­ton, VA Ross­lyn Sta­tion: Blue, Orange and Sil­ver lines

What can’t I take in my baggage?

All weapons are pro­hib­it­ed. We also do not allow the trans­port of any mate­r­i­al that would be deemed a haz­ardous mate­r­i­al by the DOT (Acids, ammu­ni­tion, ani­mals, com­bustible liq­uids, com­pressed gas­es, corpses, cre­mat­ed remains, explo­sives, firearms of all types, fire­works, flam­ma­ble liq­uids, fur­ni­ture, haz­ardous mate­ri­als (poi­sons, radioac­tive mate­ri­als, etc.)

Does Tripper Bus provide seating for disabled passengers?

We pro­vide pri­or­i­ty seat­ing for dis­abled or elder­ly pas­sen­gers. If a bus with a wheel­chair lift is need­ed, we will pro­vide one upon request. Your request needs to be made at least 48 hours pri­or to your desired depar­ture date. This advance notice is in accor­dance with fed­er­al guide­lines and allows us to make the nec­es­sary arrange­ments to pro­vide request­ed assis­tance.

What is the Tripper Bus luggage policy?

You may bring a max­i­mum of 2 pieces of lug­gage. The weight of each piece must not exceed 40 pounds. Trip­per Bus is not respon­si­ble for lost, dam­aged or stolen prop­er­ty. You may bring one small car­ry-on which should fit beneath your seat or in the over­head lug­gage com­part­ment. Lug­gage may not be placed at a pas­sen­ger’s legs or in the isle . Always keep your med­ica­tions and valu­ables with you. Do not leave them in your stowed bag­gage.

We rec­om­mend all bags be prop­er­ly tag your bags along with your con­tact infor­ma­tion. Lug­gage left at or on the bus will be hand­ed over to the lost and found.

Can I request seating in front of the bus?

The seats in the front of the bus locat­ed behind and across from the dri­ver are des­ig­nat­ed as pri­or­i­ty seat­ing to accom­mo­date pas­sen­gers with dis­abil­i­ties or oth­er spe­cial needs. If these seats are occu­pied, the dri­ver may ask the seat­ed pas­sen­ger to move to accom­mo­date these spe­cial needs rid­ers.